Photo shoot

Hannah has always thought I had a good eye for the camera and was eager to take advantage of my skills. We were in our basement with one of her new boyfriends. He was a handsome man, older and in great shape with a tremendous cock. Hannah was up against one of the support poles and dancing around it. She was very turned on doing her stripper moves and beckoning him towards her. I was kneeling in the corner watching and she told me I could take photos and direct them . Her boyfriend agreed and I suggested they should start with H sucking him. Hannah slid down the pole and dropped to her knees and he brought the head to her lips. She opened them willingly and drew his penis deep into her mouth. I began to snap photos, getting close, hearing the glorious sounds of my wife sucking his cock as he drew it slowly in and out of his mouth.

I was lost in the scene for a moment or two and then remembered I was to direct them. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my wife and he offered her a hand and brought her to her feet. He grabbed her and lifted her up against the pole and pushed his enormous cock deep inside of her as she let out a gasp and surrendered herself to his thrusts. I started again to snap photos absolutely mesmerized by the sights and sounds of my beautiful wife enjoying his cock…

I got closer and shot closeups off his cock pushing in and out of her. Her lips surrounded his shaft and moved with his thrusts as my wife writhed trying to take every inch of him. I asked if they could change positions so he could fuck her from behind. I snapped away as he very slowly pushed inside her and back out varying his rhythm. Hannah began to loudly shout is name and I could tell she was about to cum. I moved in front and took a couple of shots as her head went back and she got that lovely look of release on her face. Her lover exploded inside her and filled her with cum and I quickly went back to take photos as he pulled out, her well fucked pussy still agape and cum dripping out and down the side of her leg. I almost came without even a touch from the eroticism of the scene


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