Shopping With a Tryst

Hannah decided she needed some retail therapy and of course that meant me handing over my credit card. I of course drove her to the mall. I parked close to the main entrance and she leaned over, reached down to make sure my cock cage was fully engaged and kissed me on the cheek. “I want you to go park near the employee parking while you wait for me. No sense taking up a valuable spot that some other woman might need.” She chuckled as she got out of the car and I watched her walk to the entrance looking every bit the beautiful passionate woman happy and in charge of her surroundings. When seeing her this way it’s easy to see why so many people are attracted to her.

Hannah went to her favorite cosmetics shop first. Adding some lipsticks and nail polishes to her bag as well as some of the lotions she uses every day. I have notifications set up on my phone so I could hear each time she used my credit card. This continued each time she made a purchase and got my dick to harden in its cage each time, a lovely and somewhat uncomfortable reminder that today I was her shopping slave.

There were a good number of purchases over about an hour but then I noticed there were no notifications at all. Another hour went by before she texted me. “Meet us at our favorite bar” followed by a 🔓🎁❤️ the emoji once again reminding me of my place as her shopping slave. I moved the car close to the entrance to the Mexican restaurant where we have gone so many times for margaritas and guacamole, some of the best around. H was at the bar looking radiant surrounded by her purchases and the attention of a good looking young man. He was tall and dark skinned, impeccable in his designer suit. I could see why she seemed so enamored of him. They both turned to me as I said hello and kissed Hannah and I knew right then that they had fucked. I got hard and Hannah ordered another round including my favorite Tequila. She leaned in and said “ remind me later to show you the pictures of what Trey did to me in the dressing room.” And my mind wandered off to that lovely vision as we chatted and enjoyed our cocktails.

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