“Are you proud to be my slave husband? Hannah purred “Are you proud of your cock cage and the fact that I hold the key?” I knew she was going somewhere with this line of questioning. I smiled and a strong “Yes Mistress” was all I could muster. “I am proud to be owned by you” I continued to chop the vegetables for her dinner party. Two of her closest friends were coming over and I was preparing appetizers and their meal. The bar had been set up, champagne and wine was on ice and the table set just the way she liked it.

“Well” she continued. “Tonight I want you to show how proud you are.” She started to move out of the kitchen and motioned to follow her to the bedroom. I had no idea what she was up to but I knew her creative mind was about to be on full display.

On the bed were a pair of thigh high hose, sheer with lace at the top and a pair of red high heels. “Please take your clothes off and put these on” I felt my face go flush and a flood of embarrassment rush over me. Hannah had never expressed interest in me dressing in women’s clothes so this was a completed surprise to me. I put the things on and stood up clumsily having never worn heels before. My hard cock was pushing against my cage and pushing away from my body, a chastised erection showing my excitement from the humiliation. “You look lovely” Hannah laughed. “Now go stand next to the fireplace my guests will arrive soon and I want them to see my news artwork proudly displayed “

It was difficult standing in the heels. I did the best I could to hold still, my erection pushing against the tight cock cage. Hannah had cuffed my hands behind my back and added a collar, leash, blindfold and gag. Her two friends laughed and chatted about my predicament. Clearly they had been in on the whole thing. They congratulated Hannah on how thoroughly she had me under control and they chatted endlessly about her sexual exploits and my willingness to enjoy and participate in her freedoms outside our marriage. I just took it all in, listening to them enjoying the meal I had prepared and dreaming about how Hannah might reward me at the end of the night. As if being her locked artwork and all the lovely embarrassment of my predicament wasn’t reward enough.

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