Hannah doesn’t allow me to touch my cock to masturbate or cum without her permission. Last night I confessed that I had played with myself but didn’t cum. She was kind in her response, not punishing me but reminding me that all of my sexual activities were strictly hers to permit or not. It wasContinue reading “Confessional”

Photo shoot

Hannah has always thought I had a good eye for the camera and was eager to take advantage of my skills. We were in our basement with one of her new boyfriends. He was a handsome man, older and in great shape with a tremendous cock. Hannah was up against one of the support polesContinue reading “Photo shoot”


Hannah got caught in a driving rain storm on the way to work. She called and asked me to bring her a dry set of shorts and panties. When I got to her office she thanked me and quickly changed, handing me her wet stuff I looked around for a bag to put them in.Continue reading “Wet”


Hannah and I went out to run some errands. My cock was caged and leashed. She runs the leash up thru the band of my pants so she can hold on to it and give it a good tug when she wants to remind me. We pulled up in front of Victoria Secret so sheContinue reading “Return”

Pick up

I picked H up at around 10:00pm. She had called for a ride. She slid gracefully into the car and I closed the door behind me. Getting into the drivers dead she leaned in for a a deep and passionate kiss sending me into a swoon. She reached for my hand and guided it underContinue reading “Pick up”

Shopping With a Tryst

Hannah decided she needed some retail therapy and of course that meant me handing over my credit card. I of course drove her to the mall. I parked close to the main entrance and she leaned over, reached down to make sure my cock cage was fully engaged and kissed me on the cheek. “IContinue reading “Shopping With a Tryst”


“Are you proud to be my slave husband? Hannah purred “Are you proud of your cock cage and the fact that I hold the key?” I knew she was going somewhere with this line of questioning. I smiled and a strong “Yes Mistress” was all I could muster. “I am proud to be owned byContinue reading “Proud”

A call from work

H called me from work. She was taking her lunch break and had a wicked idea. “I’ve decided to let you masturbate today” she said in a sultry voice. I had been locked in my chastity cage for most of the week and she had the key. “I’m not sure how I can do thatContinue reading “A call from work”

Middle of the day

I was home doing chores when my phone dinged. I rushed to pick it up always excited that it might be Hannah sending me a heart or an “I love you” or a chore request. This was none of these. It was a photo of her boyfriend’s cock with her hand wrapped around it, herContinue reading “Middle of the day”

Hannah gets a Master

Hannah had become my dominant over time. We had started our kink journey with me in the dominant role. But, H had slowly taken over as my dominant and we were happy in our current roles. Hannah however still had submissive desires of her own and had recently met a man who could top herContinue reading “Hannah gets a Master”


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