When we first started to fantasize about Hannah going outside the marriage to fuck other men she often joked, “But what if I accidentally call out my boyfriend’s name while we are fucking?” We both laughed and I pressed close to her so she could feel my hard cock against her leg. “Oh, well thatContinue reading “Beginnings”

Vacation locked

Mistress Hannah’s boyfriend asked her to go on vacation with him to a tropical resort. She accepted and told me I would be staying home to take care of the house and do my chores while she was relaxing and fucking by the beach. “You will have to stay locked while I’m gone turned onContinue reading “Vacation locked”


I was helping Hannah pack for our trip when I casually noticed her pack two tutus in her suitcase, both pink and frilly . I was surprised at the sight and looked at her as she passed me laughing playfully. I didn’t ask any questions as it’s generally not my place to question her. WeContinue reading “Twinkie’s”

Size doesn’t matter

I watched as Hannah’s boyfriend brought his huge cock close to her pussy. I marveled at how long it took to completely push it deep inside her. I was amazed at how far it’s girth pushed her pussy lips apart. I remembered measuring for my new chastity cage the night before. No matter how manyContinue reading “Size doesn’t matter”


Mistress Hannah is a fan of putting me in predicaments where my cock is hard at slightly inconvenient and inappropriate moments. Today we were talking about a new cock cage. She said I would have to measure to get the right one. This lead to some light hearted small cock humiliation which always gets meContinue reading “Predicaments”


I am on my knees naked and my cock locked in its caged. My hands are free so I can use my phone to film the scene in front of me. Hannah and her boyfriends have been fucking for a long time. Mistress is fully surrendered to the big beautiful cocks giving her so muchContinue reading “Cum”


Things I’ve been obsessed with when watching my wife fuck another man. The way her beautiful breasts sway back and forth when she’s on her knees being fucked doggy style. Her moans and gasps when his hard cock enters her How she surrenders to her orgasms, cumming over and over again calling out “again again…”Continue reading “Obsession”


This morning Mistress Hannah was very turned on. I was allowed to worship her body. I gave her what she called “‘maybe the most intense orgasm of my life” . My cock was not involved in any way. She loves to fuck her boyfriends but her devoted husband gets to truly connect with her. SheContinue reading “Orgasm”

Not a Hannah story

He always knew this kink was unusual and he kept it hidden because it scared him. It didn’t fit in with his “Master” persona and it certainly wasn’t something a submissive would ever do to him. Well, except his wife. She had submitted to him since they first got to know each other. He wasContinue reading “Not a Hannah story”


We were invited to a Fetish themed Halloween party. Mistress accepted for us and we planned our outfits/costumes. We both wore latex. She wore a lovely black latex dress, low cut with pink trim and short in length. She wore hot pink panties and and a pink choker She added a set of devil hornsContinue reading “All-Hallows-Sub”


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